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Things That Piss Me Off

I like to think that I have mellowed.


But little, stupid things still bother me. Like:

  • Fucking idiots on Xanga and LiveJournal that attempt to hotlink images from as their backgrounds and fill up my error logs with their stupidity. Despite the fact that my .htaccess refuses (almost) all of the requests they leave it in. Which means I can either:
    1. waste my time by politely asking each and every person who does it to stop, and explain why hotlinking images is bad
    2. redirect the image to something mean and disgusting, but then end up feeling guilty since I shouldn't "retaliate" against a bunch of clueless teeny boppers.
    3. just do nothing and periodically get pissed off when I check my stats
  • Fucking needlessly hierarchical lists that make me forget what else I am pissed about
  • No, wait... Blogger's redirection of URLs to prevent comment spam, that was it. It's wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to start.
  • How worked up I get over stupid technical bullshit when there are things of actual importance in the world

This has been the easiest finals week ever.

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