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Come Back to San Francisco

When the Daily Show had an interview with the nimrods from XXX Church, Klara got sad.

“I miss the Swish,” she said.

This requires a bit of explanation.

The Swish is the sassy co-host of Unscrewed. Before I moved to Urbana, Klara and I used to watch Martin Sargent’s Unscrewed on TechTV, which is a late night “talk show” of questionable quality, on a network of such questionable quality it put Chris Pirillo on television. (Unscrewed is awesome.)

As a show of such questionable quality, of course, it featured the anti-pornographers of XXX Church months before.

But now, sadly, my cable provider does not give me the joy of TechTV.

Who knows what wacky interviews Martin is doing as I write this? Well, a lot of people, but not me and Klara, sadly. (Ok, probably not that many people, I mean, it is TechTV. And I could just look at the web site, but it’s NOT THE SAME.)

“Is it bad that I want to go to San Francisco and see a taping of Unscrewed?” Klara asked.

“No, no, of course not. It would probably be fun.”

It’s just weird that of all the bad media I’ve made Klara consume, Unscrewed seems like one of the ones I should feel worst about.

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