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Skulls, Bones

Not to be too much of a tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist or anything, but with John Kerry as the Democratic nominee against George W. Bush as the Republican nominee, the way I see it the only sure winner is the Skull and Bones secret society. (1)

“Skull & Bones: The Secret Society That Unites John Kerry and President Bush” -

“AMY GOODMAN: Does it matter to Skull and Bones who wins this presidential race?

ALEXANDRA ROBBINS: No. That’s a good question and one that I asked many Bonesmen and the way they describe it is a win-win situation.”

  1. Likely, Diebold and the other voting machine makers will also be “winners” after proving that their technology can be used to fraudulently change election results without leaving auditing trails. Yay Democracy!

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