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I Will Probably Vote For Him Anyway

Tonight on the News Hour’s Democratic nominee update I saw John Kerry, and it was just pathetic.

His comments on the President’s “Let’s Deny Rights To Homosexuals and Pretend It’s Not Bigoted” Constitutional amendment:

"A year and half ago or two years ago he [Bush] said we didn't need a Constitutional Amendment, and now, we still don't need it. I believe that we ought to have civil unions, I think you ought to have partnership rights, it's important to respect civil rights in this country. I think the President is trying to divide America, he's a President in trouble and he's just looking for a political change the subject."

I understand that the political realities of not supporting gay marriage and instead supporting the absurd “seperate but equal” civil unions, but it really does make any claims about equality and civil rights ring hollow. And I honestly believe that much like civil rights in the 1960’s, this is an issue that is more important than worrying about political realities.

It would be nice to see those vying for the Democratic nomination instead of talking about “political strategy” of the President actually get up and say the President, the one elected official meant to represent the interests of the entier country, is a homophobic bigot and is trying to exploit hate and fear of a persecuted minority. But that even if you agree with his hateful, uncompassionate view of homosexuals, the sheer audacity of proposing to encode it in our Constitution is an affront to our nation’s entire history. The Amendments were almost entirely written to specifically codify the extension of rights to people who had been wrongly disenfranchised by our government. The last time an Amendment infringed on rights led to Prohibition, which, despite our current drug policy, is considered by most people to have been a bad idea.

But I understand gay marriage is an incredibly tough issue for politicians to deal with, but try and explain this one to me:

"We're going to require full disclosure to the American public, about how many jobs are being moved overseas, where they're going, why they're going, and companies will no longer be able to simply surprise their workers with a pink slip instead of a paycheck. They're going to be required to give their workers three months notice if their job are being exported offshore. [applause] So we have notice."

So, Kerry’s view is that outsourcing is bad. And his solution is to make companies give workers notice before they lose their jobs. A notice. And public notices. Then: no job.

And this warranted… applause.

I can’t believe this guy is winning.

I want to get excited enough to vote this time, really, I do, and I know that Kerry has a pulse and isn’t Bush, but can’t I expect a little bit more?

PS - No, Edwards doesn’t count.

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