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Contextualized Introductions

[ I’ll be at Stanford this weekend for Bloggercon ]

In case you are attending Bloggercon, here is a brief introduction:

Google bombing? Yes, that was me.

Webloglog? Yeah, that was me too. (Sorry.) I promise not to make fun of weblogs this weekend.

About me: I’m a Library and Information Science masters student at University of Illinois. My undergraduate work was at Stanford in computer science. It’s possible I was the first person at Stanford to have a weblog when I started one in October of 1999.

I look like this. Please say “hi” even if I’m skulking in the corner, looking confused.

Oh, and I’m looking for a job this June. You should hire me, I’m very handy to have around.

If you’re planning on going to In-N-Out, please take me with you.

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