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trenchant land

This latest discuss thread from my pal Evan is great, in part because I believe it is the first even mention of “trenchant land.”

And it got me thinking of what trenchant land would be like. Mostly I imagined something in the context of Super Mario Brothers 3, like remember how there was giant land? There would be trenchant land, and everything would be oversized low resolution blue pixellated backgrounds and sprites.

Bacon would replace all power-ups.

At first I thought that Kuribo’s Shoe should be replaced by “Adam’s Grinder,” but I like to imagine that in trenchant land, there really are Kuribo’s Shoe, because they are the best fucking powerup ever.

Since I’ve gained weight, my equivalent could look just like Mario, except with glasses.

Which brings us to the question, what do you think trenchant land is?

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