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I Was Young(er) Then

I finally got around to making plane reservations for (we)Bloggercon in November. This item is likely only of interest to those who are planning on making fun of me for going to an event full of people willing to describe themselves as “bloggers,” or anyone responsible for making arrangements for getting me to In-N-Out.

I should run a script to compare urls from that thing to the reigstrants, but I think this group is mostly too “new school” for there to be any overlap. Do you remember a time before people invented “permalinks?” You know, there was a time when people didn’t think being able to link to individual weblog posts was important. They were simpler times. Back before Natalie and Bilyana grew up, started college, and abandoned their sites for LiveJournal web-flavored site-things.

It seems pretty silly to be nostalgic about the former community of weblogs from a few years ago, but sometimes I think I am. I mean, remember that time Neale really pissed off Cam, and the followed it up with Weblog Junior High? And when I could write that sentence and some small segment actually knew what I was talking about?

Podcast my ass.

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