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Supreme Allied Bloggander

Discussions from the Daily Show’s coverage of the first presidential debate:

“Did Wesley Clark just say ‘blogs?’”


“That sounds really weird coming out of his mouth.”

I hate to harp on it but, but don’t you think that he believes the mistake is the how we went about the war, not the actual idea of disarming Saddam. I think what he was saying was he felt Saddam could’ve been disarmed without us invading. And actually, I guess what I would suggest is that he was actually disarmed cause there weren’t really the weapons we thought were there.

But Jon, he himself was a weapon of mass destruction.

“Yes, when he was writing all those romance novels, every one of those novels, they were weapons. Like, drop one of those things over Russia…”

“You mean like the White Album?”

“Yes! It would’ve just exploded!”

Also, how can anyone seriously talk about Saddam’s failure to comply with UN regulations about disarmament or even mention the cockamamie ludicrous phrase “weapons of mass destruction” when it was obvious that they didn’t have any damned weapons to begin with.

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