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Things To Note

So. A few rather important things to note that I probably should have mentioned earlier:

  1. I am starting graduate school this month. I’m pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign..
  2. As such, I am moving to Urbana next week.
  3. If you are lucky enough to have my cell phone number, you are now lucky enough to have my old cell phone number that will soon no longer work. (You could contact me via email or AIM if you would like to rectify that situation, but, realistically, you probably won’t.)
  4. I should have a cable modem installed within a day of moving into my new apartment, so hopefully I won’t be cut off from the beloved web too long. (Not that I ever update anyway.) But knowing cable companies, I may be cut off for weeks.
  5. Hi! This is fun! I should update all the time. Like, every weekday and call it… daily!!!
  6. (Canned auto-updating content for next week… maybe.)
  7. Klara and I have been together for six months.

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