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Relax, Pay Later

In a mild panic I went to the administration building to pay my bill. I was in a mild panic because it was only days before class started and I had not recieved, let alone paid, my tuition.

After tracking down, painfully, on the web, how one goes about paying the bill in person and how much I owed, I stood in front of a very nice woman and said I wanted to pay my bill. And that I was concerned and confused as to why I had not gotten a bill to pay.

It was then that I learned that unlike Stanford, where if you don’t pay by the first day of class you are dragged forcefully from your classes by armed guards, bound and gagged, put in the back of a van, and dropped off somewhere in East Palo Alto, the University of Illinois does not even send bills out until a month after classes start. So my bill will not be sent until February 1, and is due weeks after that.

But I paid it anyway. Because otherwise I would have felt like I completely wasted my time.

I think maybe I’m a little too paranoid.

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