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Book Punk #6

Wednesday, July 9, 8pm

The Escapist Bookstore

Austin, TX

The man behind the most useful website on the internet will be playing ALL NEW MATERIAL. Well, all new except for the stuff that is not, which is Squirrel Fight and Canadian Girlfriend and maybe something else I’m not remembering. I mean, I’m not his fucking manager, geez.

Also, unrecognized moblog pioneer Ben “bitch tits” Brown will be reading fan fiction about his favorite porn site, Captain Stabbin. No, seriously, he will, I’ve read it, and had to hear about his obsession with The Captain for weeks now. This is not a joke, this is actually, genuinely true.

Other people will be there too but I have no idea what they’re doing or if you should care and feel bad that you aren’t going.

I will not be reading anything and I probably never will because I am An Utter Failure In Art And Life.

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