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After reading about Microsoft’s “we’re never updating stand-alone Internet Explorer, you’ll just have to upgrade your whole OS” bullshit, that followed their shady deal with AOL that basically is a death sentence for Netscape (not that we should really shed any tears over the company responsible for the Mozilla disaster, but still) I feel defeated. Really, even more so than when Microsoft lost the anti-trust case but won the battle of waiting out the Clinton administration so they could just tell the Departmen of Justice (and the American people) to fuck themselves and get a settlement that didn’t punish them at all. Now it has finally hit me just how fucked web developers are.

My latest “deep thoughts” on the future of the web is that the browser is basically a lost cause and I should become a Flash developer.

Seriously. Flash.

I’m so disgusted with this situation that I think developing for a proprietary browser plugin controlled by a single company is the smart move. Which itself, is frightening.

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