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Belated E3 Observations

As we were sitting outside looking disillusioned, a reporter from Electronic Gaming Monthly asked Dakota, Sean and I what we thought of E3 last Thursday. Dakota explained how disappointing E3 was, and how nothing was very impressive.

I told the reporter that there wasn’t a single new idea in the entire convention center.

I was exaggerating a little, but that’s what it felt like. The only really impressive thing was the Half-Life 2 demo, which had a 4 hour wait. (Valve, wonderful people that they are, opened up their private tech demo suite at the hotel to the public, so I only had to wait 10 minutes. Valve is now my favorite company making PC games.) Half-Life 2 looks like it will have a world that is far more “actionable” than anything else out there. Your environment is more than just stationary scenery.

Meanwhile, some company paid two guys to dress up like Nazis and walk around and be assholes and bump into people, as promotion for some World War II game. I wanted to start screaming at them about how offensive this was, and lecture them about how fucked up the world would be if Nazis had remained in power, and how many millions of people died at the hands of people dressed like them, and how many millions of people died fighting against people in those uniforms, and ask them if they were really enjoying their sick Nazi dress up game. Mostly, I wanted to punch them if they purposefully bumped into me. In the face. But I didn’t.

It’s not that I think all jokes involving Nazis are inherently offensive, or any use of Nazi paraphenlia in a video game is wrong; I’m not that uptight. I just don’t like the idea of big blonde-haired blue-eyed guys getting paid to dress up like Nazis and harass little video game geeks at E3 as a promotion. It’s sick.

But Dakota hugged one and he called him an “American dog.”

I don’t even know what game it was, I think it was from Activision, not that it matters, since E3 basically convinced me that the electronic entertainment industry sucks, is entirely focused on producing unoriginal crap in the hopes it will sell as well as whatever unoriginal crap it is ripping off, and that I should never buy games anymore, unless they are from Nintendo or Capcom, the only people who still seem interested in making games that are fun. Sadly, even Sega failed to show anything good besides Otogi, which looked good but was far from original.

The real highlight of the conference was that Dakota followed Shigeru Miyamoto around and got a picture with him. That was awesome.

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