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Dream Job

If I really had any guts, I’d quit trying to find a real job and focus all of my efforts on starting a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving electronic games, with a goal of the eventual creation of a museum of computer and video games.

It’s not a good idea to let the publishers worry about presevation, because they are focused on profits. We don’t expect book publishers to make sure books are available and readable in 100 years, that’s why we have libraries and librarians. And books, at least, are an archive in and of themselves. Video games are going to require a lot more effort if we don’t want an entire form of media to disappear into the past. Proprietary and undocmented hardware, copy protected software, and bit rot, could all contribute to making the digital remains of our culture unintelligeble.

I guess a lot of people will laugh at even equating video games with books, but I think that’s temporary. I’m not sure how many people took the preservation of movies seriously in their infancy either.

And besides, real jobs probably won’t get me any closer to owning a Star Wars arcade machine. (The cockpit version.)

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