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Best of Discuss, Day Five

Next week will be better, I promise.

I’m pregnant now.

Thanks Adam.

posted by dakotasmith at 04:08:28 PM cst, January 14, 2003

adam, get a job. it’s bad enough that your lack of employment is an indicator for my future lack of employment, but it’s a true sign that you’re stir-crazy when you have nothing better to do than to contemplate making one of your former residents into a cereal.

also, mike-o’s is more preferable in my mind. rolls off the tongue.

posted by mikeo at 02:36:39 AM cst, February 13, 2003

Wow, I just posted a personal ad on Trenchant.

posted by endquote at 08:54:40 PM cst, February 11, 2003

hm. yeah. i’m watching it now(!) and i feel your need of the pants, mike. i feel you.

posted by klara at 10:45:09 PM cst, February 13, 2003

they also don’t credit you for the nomenclature. Fuck the wallstreet journal.

posted by ian at 08:52:55 PM cst, February 26, 2003

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