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Best of Discuss, Day Four

You know when a late night talk show host comes out to do his monologue, and at the conclusion he says, “we’ve got a great show” but you know that he says that every day, and he really isn’t even remotely interested in interviewing some mediocre but attractive actress starring in some bad movie and the comic that’s on is unfunny and he knows that the show is actually going to be lame, but he pretends to be enthusiastic anyway?

But, seriously folks, we’ve got a great daily for today.

I’m gonna rock out to blondie’s greatest hits alll dayyy long.

posted by natalie at 10:05:58 PM cst, May 26, 2002

wow, do you live in a bubble or something?

and are you saying asian girls aren’t cute? and not cute enough to date awkward guys in bands?

this is directed toward endquote buddy, not you adam. i already know you live in a bubble.

posted by connie at 04:50:10 PM cst, May 29, 2002

Forget the Apple commercial, I just want to get stoned.

posted by Franny at 06:20:56 PM cst, July 17, 2002

The thing about Livejournal, is that it really is just a bunch of 16-year-old goth kids. You can check the stats.

posted by adam at 03:47:50 AM cst, August 26, 2002

replying to your own posts is part of the Adam Mathes Path to Greatness.

posted by ian at 10:20:00 AM cst, November 14, 2002

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