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Best of Discuss, Day Three

Welcome to Best of Discuss Three: Discuss Harder On a Bus Under Siege.

Wow, that so wasn’t funny. That’s why this is a canned re-run week. I mean, umm, an important honoring contributions from readers week.

We interrupt today’s re-runs to bring you important news: the super incredible amazing software used to power the adam mathes future blueprint, as well as other web maps for other jetsetting web personalities, is now available for your own web sites: IndyJunior (a Bryan Boyer production.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

so you’re saying that the incredible depth and feeling of these passages does not resound within your own being, like an echo? like a… parade of echoes, even?

my, my. poop jokes it is!

posted by natalie at 03:29:08 AM cst, January 4, 2002

you know, once i DO develop my way out of a paper bag, you’re going to be the one who’s sorry.

pie charts work, you fascist.

posted by connie at 12:58:29 AM cst, January 23, 2002

whatever people…bald faced adam is hot. i will find and kill anyone who refuses to acknowledge this. and he’s not little. well maybe kind of little but he’s all man and to a powerpuff girl he’s freaking huge.

posted by kate at 09:46:35 PM cst, April 2, 2002

I hate trees so much right now, you have no idea.

posted by adam at 05:02:34 PM cst, April 8, 2002

okay, I guess all the girls I know are just easy.

or something.

posted by madsciencechick at 07:46:43 PM cst, May 8, 2002

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