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Best of Discuss, Day Two

For those of you just tuning into the broadcast, this week I am sharing a few of my favorite comments from the trenchant discussion board. And since most of you never look at the discussion board, it’s functionally equivalent to having new content. For the rest of you it’s like one of those clip-shows of re-run segments that sit-coms used to do. Everybody loves those!

i even have metacubed underoos

posted by adam at 04:05:28 PM cst, May 22, 2001

actually, whenever i catch a documentary on the forthcoming rise of jesus and pals on the discovery channel, i think of wannabe “punk” guys with scruffy faces and hair that so desperately needs to be cut. then i think of tom brokaw.

when i see puppies crying, i think of adam. <3

posted by connie at 01:29:42 PM cst, June 6, 2001

but that means the only time i wasn’t a 12 year old girl was when i was like, 12.

posted by adam at 12:49:30 AM cst, June 27, 2001

I hate the term “hook-up”. I prefer “meaningless fucking”. Honesty is the best policy, after all.

posted by Franny at 05:26:17 PM cst, July 26, 2001

yes, this forum has gotten boring enough for me to start posting about my SEX LIFE.

posted by mally at 05:33:25 PM cst, November 16, 2001

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