by adam mathes
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Best of Discuss

This will be a week of filler GREAT content. In order to honor and bring attention to the wonderful contributions to the discussion board, this is BEST OF DISCUSS WEEK. Each day I will highlight a few of the most insightful and interesting comments that have graced the board.

Make no mistake, this has everything to do with thanking my lovely discussion board contributors and absolutely nothing to do with me ignoring The War or having nothing to say. Really. What haze of war?

Oh, also, I’m moving to Austin next week.

So, without any further ado, I give you, Best of Trenchant Discuss.

if anyone is more hype than substance, it’s me.

posted by dakotasmith at 02:25:37 PM cst, April 9, 2001

I just like going to a website and having the first message be: “Hi adamsmellslikepoo!” if just for a few days before he deletes the account.

Peace out my rasta brothers.

posted by adamsmellslikepoo at 01:45:02 AM cst, April 9, 2001

You fucking cunt.

posted by andy at 08:38:40 PM cst, April 16, 2001

That would have been a great shirt. And you know the best part about it – and let me state right now that I do consider Derek my friend and do like him very much – is when Derek saw you wearing it for the first time, blanched, turned around and ran off for a good cry.

posted by benbrown at 11:03:44 PM cst, April 26, 2001

wow, mathes, when i first saw this thread had 21 posts, i was impressed.

now i’m not.

posted by dakotasmith at 07:30:37 PM cst, May 5, 2001

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