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Product Recalls

This has not been a good time for me and technology.

In addition to my “you were getting SDSL and you will never get it again” problem, and my “yeah, right, you’re not getting a cable modem until spring” problem, my Powerbook’s power supply started to spark and fray and die, leaving me laptop-less.

Apparently, this is a not just a problem I alone am experiencing. Although hopefully class action lawsuits will get me the damned $80 I just spent to order a new power cord back.

Oh, right, also, my car is apparently a ticking ignition coil failure time bomb.

All this is happening as I’m forced to use a modem again, which, I can’t stress enough, is just too weird. Is my modem on COM1 or COM2? Geez man, why don’t you just ask me if my BUFFERS is set high enough in my config.sys.

Port speed? Specify port speed? It’s 2003 I don’t know what my modem port speed is! Would it help if I got some cans and string and tied them together?

So, once again, any faith I have in anything (in this case the supposed solid engineering from Audi and Apple) is misplaced and was only temporary so that I could be let down. Thanks, technology. Thanks for for sucking.

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