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Portfolio Inducing Guilt

I made this portfolio page yesterday.

It made me feel like I was accomplishing something vaguely in the job search, and I have been feeling guilty that I do not do nearly enough to get a job since my “industry research” mostly consists of watching Zoids Chaotic Century and my “networking” consists almost entirely of screaming at the characters in Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I still “need” a job. (Although I’m convinced another six months of unemployment will yield a really, really good screenplay.)

Come on, readers, haven’t you been getting enough free content for years and years without me asking anything in return to feel some sort of obligation to help get your buddy Adam a job? Where’s your motivating guilt? Or is that you are all just a bunch of freeloaders?

You kids better get cracking on getting me a job. Don’t make me ask for donations.

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