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Follow-up on Dean and Race

Follow-up to my comments regarding Dean mentioning Andrew Jackson.

Restoring the American Community, a speech given by Howard Dean says exactly what I was faulting Dean for not expressing. Here’s a large excerpt -

To distract people from their real agenda, they run elections based on race, dividing us, instead of uniting us. But these politics do worse than that -- they fracture the very soul of who we are as a country. It was a different Republican president, who 150 years ago warned, "A house divided cannot stand," and it is now a different Republican party that has won elections for the past 30 years by turning us into a divided nation. In America, there is nothing black or white about having to live from one paycheck to the next. Hunger does not care what color we are. In America, a conversation between parents about taking on more debt might be in English or it might be in Spanish, worrying about making ends meet knows no racial identity. Black children and white children all get the flu and need the doctor. In both the inner city and in small rural towns, our schools need good teachers. When I was in medical school in the Bronx, one of my first ER patients was a 13-year-old African American girl who had an unwanted pregnancy. When I moved to Vermont to practice medicine, one of my first ER patients was a 13-year-old white girl who had an unwanted pregnancy. They were bound by their common human experience. There are no black concerns or white concerns or Hispanic concerns in America. There are only human concerns.

But people are too busy confusing Saddam and Osama to really pay attention to a speech that might be positive, unifying, even inspirational, by someone who is “anti-war.”

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