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From The Road

A phone message from Dakota from the WORLD TOUR on October 10, 2003 - 6:19pm -

Hey Adam, this is Dakota. You know, the best roommate ever.

Umm, I’m in New Orleans. I’m staying in a hotel that has complimentary goldfish. That’s goldfish that they bring to your room if you say hey, I could use a goldfish.

And not the crackers, like, the fish.

I’m not stoned.

I’m just sort of in awe.

I took a bath in a really cool hottub, bathtub thing.

And then i got a complimentary glass of wine or two.

And a complimentary massage.

And then I walked and bought a disposable camera.

And I’m in New Orleans on a rock tour, apparently.

I’m going to be a superstar.

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