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Humane Interface Screams

I want a job where I can sit around and make a pronouncement like, “look at the placement and size of those buttons! Has anybody here ever heard of Fitt’s Law? Anybody?”

Or, “a blue status bar? On top of the URL text input widget? That looks almost identical to selecting the text of the URL bar? Are you sure you’re supposed to be working here?”

Then I stopped using Apple’s Safari browser and sort of lost interest. (1) I like the idea of going into HCI if I can just arbitrarily scream at bad design and get paid for it but somehow I doubt that has anything to do with the reality of the profession. (Also, seriously, those Sym-Sys with a focus on HCI kids were so annoying in college, why follow them into the business world? Then again, everyone in college was annoying.)

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I realize I haven’t been writing regularly anymore. I have no explanation for this. (2)

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Candice is back with a hyphenated domain name. (Hyphenated domains? Ugh.) Kathryn relaunches without color but with lots of dashed-underlined links. (Dashed underlined links? Ugh.)

Purely coincidence?

Dashes. Hyphens. Minus signs. Little horizontal lines. They go by many names. Whatever name they use, are they involved in a global conspiracy that could they lead to the destruction of our entire planet? Tune in tonight at eleven, where we’ll needlessly fan your fears based on unsubstantiated rumors in a shameless attempt to increase ratings.

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  1. How lame is it to talk about the new Safari browser when like every web wannabe pundit with a Macintosh already has? Answer: Very. PS to all those people who complained about lack of tabbed browsing - umm, yeah, hi, that whole MDI thing was sort of universally abandoned and window management is considered the job of the system wide window manager. If OS X had a marginally usable facility for switching windows (instead of a mostly unusable application switcher dock disaster thing) tabbed browsing would not really be missed.
  2. Because I have run out of things to say? Or I don’t like the sound of my own voice as much lately? Maybe. But mostly because I’m unemployed and starting to actually freak out about that.

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