by adam mathes
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Brand Co-optation

I don’t really like Chips Ahoy! cookies, and I harbor a deep suspicion for any brand name with an exclamation point. While we all like chocolate chips, I’ve never seen anybody get so excited at seeing them ahead that their statements merited an exclamation point.

However, I really enjoy saying Chips Ahoy! in any and all contexts unrelated to snack food consumption.


· · ·

“Did you give those marketing reports to Terry?”

“You Chips Ahoy! I did.”

· · ·

“You shut down the best web site ever and started a (gasp) LiveJournal?”

“I mean, with the Chips Ahoy! these days, you have to.”

· · ·

“Mr. Chancellor, we need an answer.”

“After carefully considering all possible options, I have decided to Chips Ahoy! with the support of our fellow iguanas.”

· · ·

“Hey Adam, how’s the job search going?”

“Oh, man, it’s like, Chips Ahoy!”

· · ·

“It’s just, I think we need some time apart.”


“Because I want to Chips Ahoy! other people.”

“But… what about…”

“And also, never Chips Ahoy! you again.”

· · ·

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