by adam mathes
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yh: ahh…well i think the 3 hour one was because i muttered a bit and wasn’t very concise in my verbal C++ test answers…as in I didn’t explain everything too clearly even though the guy told me that it was obvious i knew my code..basically telling me my interpersonal skills needed work =P

am: yeah, well at least you got an explanation

am: and more than an email saying “no”

am: i ended up emailing the people who interviewed me just to try and get some feedback

yh: that’s what i got from the interviewer while going out the door…i didn’t find out the very much mumbled and uncomfortable “no” until a week and 3 phone calls later..when he said they hired someone

yh: they are all assholes

am: man, the job world sucks

am: why didn’t we invent something brilliant in college?

am: maybe i should have spent less time watching pokemon

yh: when the heck did u start watching that?

am: remember when i was watching pokemon?

am: when we lived together?

am: never mind

yh: you did? i must’ve been drunk or something…or…i was probably just ignoring you

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