by adam mathes
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I’m working on a gigantic, overly long and detailed account of my college life.

I’m not sure why.

You will probably not be able to read it.

However, in my research, I’ve been going through tons of old files. Here’s a little something that was ripped from an ICQ log, dated 1/12/01.

“so are we ok now or do you still dislike me?”

“things are never that simple for me, you know that”

“that’s not a good sign”

“i mean, things will never be ‘ok’ but that doesn’t mean i dislike you”

“define ‘ok’”

“i don’t know if i can. i just mean that it’s never going to be easy for us to be friends”

“should I not bother?”

“i didn’t say that. i just said that it wasn’t going to be easy. and anyway, i can never tell if you actually still want to be friends or not.”

“of course I do. I think you’re a cool person when you’re not mean”

“right, but i’m always mean”


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