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Today I leave Stanford and embark on a road trip with my friend Craig.

Tentative itinerary is:

Monday 617 - Packing, leaving.

Tuesday 618 - San Francisco, Oakland, wine tasting

Wednesday 619 - Drive to LA where Craig can see some girl who nearly eight years ago told him she didn’t want to date him because she didn’t want to feel obligated to see him on weekends.

Thursday 620 - Leave LA in the morning, drive to Las Vegas, meet Kosta, stay at the Mirage, pretend to gamble to get free drinks.

Friday - 621 - more with the gambling and vices

Saturday 622 - Again.

Sunday 623 - Leave Las Vegas, drive to Scottsdale, Arizona. Stay at my grandmother’s house which is empty, soak in their pool.

After that we’re going to decide whether to head back to Chicago through Boulder or take a brief detour to Austin and then head back.

There will be no road updates because road updates are stupid.

There will be no automatically updated content like during my last road trip because I was busy “graduating” and such and didn’t write anything in advance.

There will be no guest updates because I said so.

In the large gaping hole which this leaves in your life, I suggest attempting to fill it with the following fine media products I have recently consumed:

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys


The Tao of 007

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Uncut Version)

Listening to Prozac

Trenchant daily will resume sometime in early July. If you would like to be notified of this, please join my notifylist.


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