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You Are Invited

Apparently, Daniel Fletcher Rich and I are throwing a party this Thursday evening, partly because his girlfriend Hallie will be in town all the way Ohio, but mostly because we can.

Dan suggested we call it the “Staff Party (Dan and Adam),” since we are the only real staff members.

Although I liked Dan’s idea, I once again am reminded of the concept that you cross the bridge before you burn it. Cross, then burn. The order is important.

Tentatively, it is called BEER AND MARGARITAS. (Because we are planning on serving both beer and margaritas.)

Regardless, you are invited!

WHO: Dan Rich! Me! You! A ton of people who lived in my freshman dorm who I don’t talk to but Dan does! A large portion of the Stanford baseball team! All six residents of Narnia that leave their rooms! Nearly the entire Stanford women’s gymnastics team!

WHAT: I think we already covered that. Also, there will be beer. And margaritas.

WHERE: Narnia. That magical enchanted house at the far end of Stanford. Lounge.

WHEN: Thursday, May 23, 10pm.

WHY: Because we will have beer. And margaritas.

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