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texty text - ronnie


That’s right, a new texty text with -

New characters never before read in a texty text - Craig, Kathryn, Lisa, and the lovable Ronnie!

Appearances from some of your old favorites -

Dan “Tubby Bitch” Rich

(And, well, that’s it, actually, I can’t keep friends long enough for lots of return appearances.)

Guest starring A-List Bastard Matt Haughey.

Also guest starring, all the way from Australia, the original linkslut himself, Neale Talbot.

(Neither of them have speaking roles, because I got tired of writing by the time I got to the part where they enter the scene. But still. This should in no way make their guest appearances any less impressive.)

Very special guest appearance by Ian Rami-Ben-Raja Hill. (He, unfortunately, does have a speaking role.)

The first (and likely only) appearance of Adam Mathes as Official Narnia House Manager.

texty text 54 - ronnie

Yes, I know it’s dated April 22, but I assure you, it was just published yesterday.

(If you were on the trenchant notify list, you would have known about this yesterday.)

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