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I finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on DVD last weekend.

After watching 26 episodes of this series, I was really unsatisfied with the ending, which essentially drops the entire storyline, doesn’t answer any of the important plot questions, gets rid of the giant fighting mecha, and focuses on the inner thoughts of the main character. While I appreciated the literary quality and courage it probably took to choose an “inner thoughts” format for the conclusion, I pretty much despised the actual result, and cynically interpretted the whole thing as “we ran out of money to animate new scenes, let’s just redub over existing stuff and claim it’s psychological.”

Then I was told by the person who lent me the DVD’s they actually made a movie that is a much better ending to the saga.

I read a bit about this End of Evangelion:

”…we get to see the Third Impact in all its computer-generated glory, the end of humanity and the destruction of Earth, and a whole lot of really nifty CG effects. In addition to those goodies, we are also treated to the following lovely sights…

Shinji masturbating over an unconscious Asuka.

The JSSDF’s brutally violent invasion of NERV HQ and the summary execution of all NERV personnel using guns, knives, and even flame throwers.

Misato blowing a JSSDF trooper’s brains out the top of his head.

EVA-02 mutilating and dismembering EVA-05 on up through EVA-13 in a display of extreme gore.

A scene between Rei and Gendo which approaches child molestation.

A scene between Shinji and Misato which approaches child molestation. (OK, I admit I’m kidding here… I think…)

The Mass Production EVAs regenerating their horrific injuries and eating EVA-02 – and Asuka – alive.

The horrific deaths of absolutely every single character in the entire cast.

Shinji losing the final shreds of his sanity in the Third Impact.”

My reaction was, “oh my lord, that’s horrible.”

Quickly followed by “what the hell, I have to wait until September to get it on DVD?”

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