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Force Grip

I’ve spent the last week playing Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast.

I’ve sort of given up on PC gaming since so much of just seems ridiculously derivative, too focused on graphics instead of stories and fun, and so few innovative games seem to come out anymore, but out of nostalgia for Jedi Knight, and even more so for the original Dark Forces (which to this day remains my favorite first person shooter) I picked it up and played it non-stop for the week.

This may seem excessive, and somehow indicative that I have too much time on my hands, but I assure you, if I was taking classes or had a job, I probably would have played it just as much. This excessive gaming used to be almost routine for me.

It was fun, but the levels were predictable and uninspired, gameplay wasn’t really as fun as the previous games, and in general it lacked the epic scale that Jedi Knight did. Fighting for the New Republic against the vestiges of the Galactic Empire (dubbed the Imperial Remnant) just seems, well, lame.

And it doesn’t help that your arch-enemy in the game is a gigantic lizard-man with a lightsaber. That’s also just, lame.

However, the fact that you can use the Force to grab your enemies, then while lifting them in the air and choking them Vader-style you can throw your lightsaber at them kind of makes up for it.

It may seem a bit un-Jedi-like when you slice off a hapless stormtrooper’s arm, but it sure is fun.

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