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All Over The Place

Somehow I’ve become one of those people who is really bad at keeping a regularly updated web site.

This puts me in good company, as nearly all of my bookmarks are in this category, and an increasing number are in the subcategory of drunken ramblings. (Will repeated linking cause Candice to update faster? Probably not.)

Also, my email composition skills have really gone downhill. And I’m not particularly clever in IM conversations anymore. (I was before? Let’s just go with it for the sake of argument.)

In short, all of my internet-interpersonal communication skills have slipped away. At this rate, my site will soon consist entirely of reviews of obscure prototype and unlicensed NES roms. (1)

Or, even worse, links to crap.

In conclusion, Metroid Prime is fucking crazy and is messing with my mind.

  1. This is in no way an insult to my good friends who have sites about obscure NES roms because it is still my belief that those sites are the reason the internet was invented.

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