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Christmas Gifts

I present the first of possibly many lists that will close out this trenchant daily year. First up -

Things I wanted for Christmas (but didn’t get):

  • A lucrative studio deal to write and produce my own animated series
  • A Cocoa version of XEmacs
  • A girlfriend
  • A Spyonit-style pre-surfing page checker that examines pages and reports percentage of text changed
  • A fulfilling and exciting job on the bleeding edge of technology
  • An XBox, so I could play Jet Set Radio Future but not have to actually feel ill by going through the motions of buying an XBox
  • Susie's 3 month 9 month really late zine

I know, I know, if only I had posted this list earlier. But if I have to tell you kids what to get me, where’s the fun?

[Also, I like this list so much I am probably going to leave it up for a few days. Feel free to come back daily and read it over and over again.]

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