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Trackback This, Haughey

So I made the mistake of reading Metafilter and almost posted to a thread, but caught myself. I mean, why waste a marginally thought out response on a bunch of MeFi’s who will just say something stupid in response when I could waste it on you guys and get nothing in response?


In response to the thread “How can Britney Spears bring democracy to Iran? President Bush has the answer” which is about the end of Radio Azda in Iran, and the launching of its replacment, Radio Farda (the article says US pop music has replaced the news and documentaires) I nearly avoided posting this -

I can’t really tell how accurate the Post’s article is.

The BBG’s response basically claims that they are expanding their radio operations from 10 hours to 21 hours a day, and their news time from 180 minutes to 315 minutes. I’m inclined to believe them, as other BBG efforts like Radio Free Asia tend to be a Very Good Thing.

Or you could check out the English version of the Radio Farda transcript summaries and see for yourself that it’s probably not all Britney all the time.

A more interesting question is whether or not it’s a good idea to try and tie together “freedom” and “democratic ideals” and “overthrow the oppressive Mullahs” with American cultural exports, which I think is kind of the real idea behind the new format.

Will Britney entreating Iranians to hit her, baby, one more time encourage people to no longer accept repressive Iranian theocracy? Will Christina’s calls to come on over, come on over, baby, attract people to come over to the “revolution?”

All I’m saying is never underestimate the power of scantily clad Americans and their overproduced but catchy bubblegum pop to enact regime change.

[The title of this post is a needless jab at Matt’s choice to use Trackback rather than some sort of clevely designed auto linking system like the one Mark uses.]

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