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Good Vibrations

The Playstation 2 game Rez is interesting for a few reasons, but mostly people are only talking about it because of the Japanese version that comes with a “trance vibrator.”

And I know how tired everyone is seeing links about “interesting” vibrators. “Oh, look, it’s Hello Kitty - but she’s a vibrator!” “Wait, so the broom, it vibrates?”

Anyway, let’s try and think about this game seriously for a moment.

Rez is concrete evidence that Japanese video game makers (Sega, in particular) are developing hardware and software solutions to problems that Americans won’t even admit they have.

The first problem: guys who would rather play video games than pleasure their girlfriends. Now, they can play video games to do just that. Genius.

The second problem: women who can’t decide whether to masturbate or play video games. Now, they don’t have to decide - they can do both, at the same time! Also genius.

Then again, maybe I didn’t have anything serious to say about this.

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