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Semi-directed Frustration

So, it’s 4am and the piece I’m working on is total crap. Instead, I will summarize, bullet point style, suitable for inserting into a PooperPoint presentation. (1)

  • Public personal sites all of a sudden up and changing to a "private please email me for access" bugs me because I am too neurotic to ever work up the nerve to ask for access.
  • People abandoning their sites and starting LiveJournals is bad.
  • These LiveJournals all of a sudden becoming "friends only" is worse
  • The LiveJournal friends list is really, really bad because you have to be an Officially Registered LiveJournal User, which requires some sort of pyramid scheme code or cash money to the Official LiveJournal Goat, also really, really, really bad
  • The LiveJournal Goat sucks
  • Totally unrelated: I miss Phil.
  1. Man, I’m so funny. (I hope that’s enough evidence that scrapping the piece was the right decision, and that my writing is not particularly good at 4am.)

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