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Insufficient Responses

I swear, the jokes nearly write themselves.

From Monday’s Press Conference -

“Q: Sir, could we ask you one more question, sir? Senator Graham last week said that the number one threat to this nation still remains al Qaeda and questioned the wisdom about going after Saddam Hussein while al Qaeda remains the number one threat. Based on what’s happened for the last week in terms of Yemen, Kuwait, and Bali, does it suggest that that argument does hold some water?

THE PRESIDENT: I think they’re both equally important, and they’re both dangerous. And as I said in my speech in Cincinnati, we will fight if need be the war on terror on two fronts. We’ve got plenty of capacity to do so. And I also mentioned the fact that there is a connection between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The war on terror, Iraq is a part on the war on terror. And he must disarm.”

We don’t spend eleventeen billion trillion dollars on defense to worry about “priorities.” Priorities are for pussies. France, France has priorities. Not us. We can do both! We can do it all! We are all mighty! But it doesn’t matter because it’s really the same thing. The War On Saddam is the War On Terror is The War That Is and Always Was and Always Will Be.

Anyway, quick recap:

History seems to repeat itself as a tanker gets rammed near Yemen.

There’s terrorism in Indonesia (the country with the world’s largest Muslim population) seemingly to specifically target Australians and Westerners.

And all Bush can muster is talk about “disarming” Iraq?

How many people were killed in these attacks with Iraqi weapons? Probably zero. While I don’t know that number with any certainty, I think I can safely say it is far, far less than then number of Americans who would be killed by Iraqi weapons if the U.S. decides to force a “regime change” by invading Baghdad. And it’s an even surer bet that it would be less than the total number of people who would die in a new Gulf War.

So I guess it’s not that funny after all.

But I don’t know, I can’t help but just crack up at Bush. How can reporters not laugh at him?

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