by adam mathes
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Obligatory Upgrades

Since the about adam mathes page was woefully out of date, I felt obligated to update it to the “Beginning of the Rest of My Life” version. An excerpt -

“I have been referred to, on occasion, as an ‘interesting character,’ which I guess is good if I ever get around to producing the screenplay of my comic-tragic life into a movie.

Although, lately, I’ve been lamenting that I don’t have a sidekick character to hop in my car with me and randomly drive across the U.S. But after some thought I realized that by ‘sidekick’ I really just meant ‘unemployed and adventurous semi-girlfriend love interest’ and decided that it was rather unlikely one was going to just show up in my life and hop in my car, so any road trip would be decidedly less cinematic.

Not that my alternate plan (get a job) will provide any better screenplay material, but it seems to be winning out right now as the path of least resistance.”

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