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Ski Trip Retrospective

I went on a ski trip over the weekend.

Yet another one of the those cookie-cutter college events I’ve managed to avoid for the past few years, but I finally went this year due to clearly ridiculous and misplaced feelings of house staff obligation. Although such events are usually kind of interesting since they artificially put people who normally have little to do with each other in such close proximity for an extended period of time with nothing to do, sort of like a mini-summer camp, except cold, and with alcohol.

And no, I don’t ski.

The only redeeming part of the trip was the Saturday night hot-tubbing, followed by stage diving from the hot-tub into the snow, followed by more hot-tubbing, followed by a quick snowball fight outside of the tub, segueing to more hot-tubbing, capped off with a mad dash through the snow back to the house.

I think my body was so confused it just decided to ignore me for a while.

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