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An Idea

I have this idea.

I want to take nearly everything I’ve written in the past five years that is in digital form, including the old weblogs, Über pieces, dozens of random unpublished text files on my computer, all the stuff in slash private, my journals, and last but not least, the texty texts, and string them all together chronologically.

Then, once I have everything all together in one massive adammathes experience, reformat it all and self-publish two lovingly made hardcover books.

One will be put in the physical adam mathes archives .

The idea is that the other will be in my room and available for checkout. Anybody can borrow it and read all the intimate details of my life over the past few years. The catch is in return the borrower must loan me something of personal significance or sentimental value.

But no, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. Because I’m lazy. And there is the small matter of programming to process those millions of words.

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