by adam mathes
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What If

When I was younger one of my favorite comic books was Marvel’s “What If.”

Every issue they would examine a key turning point in some superhero saga, and delve into what would have happened if things had turned out differently. Like, “What if Spider-man had joined the Fantastic Four?” (Because, as we all know, Spider-man attempted to join the Fantastic Four soon after he was bitten by a radioactive spider, but was turned away.)

Or, “What if the New X-Men had died on their first mission?” (The answer of course, Marvel would have gone out of business, but saved us from the debacle that was the eight different-covered versions of X-Men one.)

Right, so, lately, I’ve been having this recurring thought for a What If comic book, that I think would be great:

“What if camgirls referred not to cheesy teeny bopper girls with webcams and amazon wishlists, but to the legions of teeny bopper fans of Cameron Barrett?”

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