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Rejected Themes

Rejected house themes for Narnia (with commentary):

Mother Fucking C.S. Lewis and Shit (While this was my original idea, I must give credit to my house manager predecessor, Evan, for the idea. At the end of our freshman year when I told him we were living in Narnia, he immediately responded with, “Hell yeah! Mother-fucking C.S. Lewis and shit.” At least, that’s the way I remember it.)

Jamaican (Fly a Jamaican flag and tell all the freshman we are the Jamaican ethnic theme dorm. “No, really, Narnia is the Jamaican theme dorm on campus, you can get in if you’re a quarter Jamaican, you just have to fill out the right forms.)

The Scott Baio House (Scott Baio. Scott Baio!!)

The Knight Rider House (Knight Ridin’ Narnia. Best part of this theme would have been getting David Hasselhoff to play a concert.)

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