by adam mathes
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In case you’re just tuning in, I’m currently driving across the country, so you get lame chat transcripts instead of real content. Again, no need to thank me now, you can do so later.

This lovely piece of dialogue is from Tuesday, December 12, 2000, and raises important questions about the nature of love and marriage.

dakota smith: i finally have a real picture of my wife

AdamMathes: yeah. great. now you can show your girlfriend

ds: yep

ds: hahha

ds: my wife was hitting on my today

am: really? why?

ds: i dunno

am: she was just like “you’re hot. studly. blah blah blah. come to san antonio today.”

am: are you going?

ds: no

ds: it’s icey

am: i mean, can you cheat on your girlfriend with you wife?

ds: and scarey

am: is that even possible?

ds: i don’t know

am: heh

ds: that’s a very good point, though

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