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Freudian Typo

Is there some technical terminology for Freudian slips made while typing? Does “Freudian slip” only apply to the spoken word? Is there such a thing as a Freudian typo? I’d google it but apparently my wireless network doesn’t extend three floors from my tiny dorm room to the lounge. Stupid 802.11b. Stupid dorm and it’s interferring walls and metal stairways.

I just wrote “her” instead of “here” in a sentence, and i’m rather certain it was a Freudian slip rather than a simple typographical error.

But, if I think it’s a Freudian slip, does that automatically imply that it isn’t one, since when someone makes a Freudian slip they are convinced they actually said the right thing and don’t realize they said the other thing?

Or maybe that’s just in the movies, like in Annie Hall when Annie asks, “but will it change my wife” instead of “will it change my life” and Alvy tries to convince her that she actually said “wife” but she refuses to believe him and so he talks to the camera, “well, you heard her, so you know I’m not crazy.”

Lately, I want to turn to the audience and say things like that.

Like, “well, you saw how much laundry he had, he didn’t need to use all three washers at the same time, so, you know I’m not crazy and he was just being an asshole,” or, “well, you were watching, you saw the vast conspiracy against me, so you know I’m not just paranoid and delusional, they really are out to get me.” Stuff like that. And the audience would nod knowingly.

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