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A Letter to My Boots

Dear Green Grinders,

When I first bought you, I was a little worried. It had been three years since I had last bought boots, and the boots you were meant to replace, those blue ten-eyed steel-toed Doc Martens, may have been my favorite pair of boots ever.

I had a lot of doubts. You were so different than my last boots - green instead of blue, Grinders instead of Doc Martens. And although I was assured you would be just as durable and last forever, and that your steel-toes were just as strong as any other steel-toes, I had my doubts. And those first few months were hard. Your tongues didn’t quite seem to sit right, and I kept fidgeting with you every time I left the dorm. Sometimes I would want to just throw you into a ditch, and put on my old boots, because they were so much more comfortable.

But how could you compete? They had over three years to not just mold to my feet, but adapt to my very soul. But their treads had worn thin. Their time had come and gone. Your treads were new and thick. It was your time. Now, years later, I can sit back and laugh at all that, because look at what wonderful boots you have become! You’ve exceeded my wildest expectations. I’m sorry I ever doubted you. And those tongues that gave me such grief those first few months I now never give a second thought to. What I’m trying to say, boots, is that I love you. Let’s never fight again.

Your pal, -adam

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