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Yes, my vacation was fine, thanks for asking.

Oh, wait, that’s right, you don’t care. And you won’t care about the following either, but that won’t stop me.

Nobody seems to understand how to make money with “content” on the web.

I see two scenarios. (Yes, this is what I think about on vacation.)

One: as an industry, all the major banner ad companies collude to never, ever report clickthrough statistics or use them for pricing and instead only report and bill by impressions. Web ads, like radio and television ads, will be judged by the number of people (in some coveted demographic) it can reach.

Two: Publications switch their current subscription models. Currently, many sites provide current content for free, and charge for their archives. Maybe they should provide their archives, content older than a month or two weeks, for free, and then charge people a subscription to get current content. People can go to any library and read magazines for free, they’re only willing to pay subscription fees to get their magazines in a super convenient and timely manner.

Or, then again, maybe people are completely unwilling to pay for online content and ads just don’t work online so it’s a lost cause and the only things that will be left running are money-losing amateur efforts supported by people who are doing it for fun and not profit along with money-losing professional efforts that are wholly owned by large corporations that can write it off as just another expense of doing business.

Also, I saw Air perform last week. They were amazing.

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