by adam mathes
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A Letter

An email from Craig, reprinted without permission:

From: Craig
Date: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 7:48 AM
To: Adam
Subject: Re: mystic quest


Oh…I’m sorry….no strategy, bad storyline, poor graphics, time consuming, boring….if that constitutes a bad game, then yes- Mystic Quest was a “bad” game, but I seriously question your gaming standards. At least when you play Mystic Quest you are constantly reminded of how much you want to end your own life for its futility and pointlessness.

So I think my teacher is on to me, or at least people like me. She wrote the test I just took so that only people who were familiar with the material would do well….what’s up with that? Did they actually expect me to study, much less go to class? Am I supposed to be penalized for not participating in or caring about my education? I mean, I was going to study…but I woke up with morning wood and “taking care” of that seriously compromised the half hour of study time I’d allotted myself.

“Take care” of yourself.



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