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best of adammathes - legs

So. I am on vacation. I was going to have daily automagically update itself while I was gone with new content, but I was too lazy to write new stuff. So, instead, you get summer re-runs, or as I like to call it - best of adammathes week (and a half.)

texty text: Legs -

“But I can’t tell her how great her legs are because this is a college campus in the year 2000, and at Stanford if you’re a guy, even a guy as downright sexy as me, and you say things like that to women a whole mob of feminists takes you down to the firehouse where the glbt and women’s center is and they make you watch those sensitivity films until your eyes bleed and then they make you watch them all again until you’re crying so much for them to stop that the people in Tressider start to complain about the noise and then they just gag you and make you watch them some more until you pass out.”

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