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Not at all triumphant return

I hate moving.

I am in lots of pain from moving the extensive amount of crap that Yuping and I own from dorm a to dorm b.

My new room in dorm b is on the third floor. This means that in addition to carrying things laterally from dorm a to dorm b, I also had to carry them upwards.

Gravity is a harsh mistress.

I’m much too tired and sore, because I am a big wussy, to write anything of substance. Luckily for you, oh readery readers, I took notes on some random surfosity from my time off:

I tend to automatically dismiss anyone who uses LiveJournal as not worth the bits they’re stored in, let alone worth visiting, very much in the way I write off anyone who has a subdomain off of “” Or, really, anyone who uses Manila at all, although, I mean, come on, “” It’s just too funny for words.

Anyway, I will grudgingly admit that such technological snobbery and prejudice may sometimes, although not very often and under very specific circumstances, not be entirely valid.

Anyway, now that that senseless digression is over, I must say that I like Crissy’s site even though she has a livejournal. Her photography, particularly some of the self-portraits, are beautiful.

LaurieB is funny. However, she gets no obnoxious digression as an introduction.

I’ve become mildly interested in cam girl culture recently. From a purely academic point of view, of course.

Anyway, the best thing I’ve ever read on any cam girl site is this:

Rhiannon on 6/11/2001 -

“Do any of you get so depressed that you cry so much that you dont even know what it is you are crying over anymore? mmm.. lifes great when you’re just some object to prode/poke/look at when the times right. am I nice to look at? I’m not really. I like to create this little illusion that I’m the kind of girl you look twice at when your walking down the street.. HEY MAN! I HAVE A WEBCAM! but really, I’m the opposite. I was the girl in school who got picked on.. the ugly loser none of the guys asked out.. but hey, atleast I’m honest enough to admit it to you guys.. I don’t need to sit here and pretend I’m something I’m not just to gain some attention and boost my confidence.. I’m ordinary, I’m boring. but I do have huge tits.”

Finally, I was deeply saddened to see that Pop’s site vanished into thin air.

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